What is Telehealth?

Have you been hearing about Telehealth recently? Telehealth has been making a slow climb in the healthcare industry, but during COVID-19 it has really taken off. The most concise way to describe Telehealth is where technology meets health care. It is the use of telecommunications technologies to deliver health-related services and information that support patient care, administrative activities, and health education. What that means for patients is essentially a two-way, real-time interactive video chat between a patient and a physician or practitioner. 

Telehealth can improve patient experience and access to health care because you can access these services remotely when you are unable to come into a healthcare facility. That could be because of the social distancing guidelines like we are experiencing now, but it goes far beyond that. There are times where traveling isn’t possible depending on your conditions, or scheduling appointments can be challenging depending on where you live. But with Telehealth, you take out those challenging variables. 

Telehealth Visits require no travel, are secure and private, and are cost-effective!

Better Life Chiropractic & Wellness has recently started offering Telehealth services to our patients. In our appointments, you receive individualized, secure, one-on-one visits with autoimmune expert Dr. Jeff Cumro, DC just as you would when coming into our office. Together, you will determine how and why your illness occurs and restore your health by addressing the root cause of the disease all from the comfort of your home through our Telehealth virtual appointments. If you experience arthritis, asthma, diabetes, or other forms of autoimmune and chronic diseases, set up a FREE consultation with us so we can start putting your health back in your hands. 

Better Life Chiropractic & Wellness is dedicated to providing you with quality care and is excited to offer this as an extension of our services. Grab a smartphone, tablet, or computer and head to our website to schedule an appointment!